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My Cancer Journey

I am a Self Discovery Coach and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist based in Llandudno, a seaside town in North Wales in the UK. I am also a cancer survivor too and in December 2007 at 30 years old I was diagnosed with a rare type of Bowel Cancer. I had just finished university and started my dream job as a Dental Hygienist and then my whole life was turned upside down. Without life changing surgery I was given just 4 years to live, obviously the decision to have surgery was a no brainer. Surgery was later followed by 6 months of chemotherapy and then it was back on the long road to recovery.

I wasn’t going to let anything stop me and I even continued working for most of nearly all of chemotherapy treatment. I was determined not to be a cancer victim, I was going to be the cancer survivor and I was well and truly determined to kick cancer’s butt.

I have personally experienced the affects that cancer has on family as well as very suddenly in June 2015 my mum was diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic Cancer which had spread to her liver, surgery wasn’t an option, chemotherapy would’ve prolonged her life a little bit but unfortunately she never made her first session. I tried so hard to keep my mum positive and not become the cancer victim but as soon as she was given her diagnosis she gave up completely, she gave up on life and the cancer started to take over and within 5 weeks of being diagnosed I lost my beautiful, amazing mum who had been my hero, the person that I had looked up to all my life.

During the last few weeks that we had left with my mum my escape was the gym. I threw myself into my weightlifting. I wasn’t sleeping well and waking up early so I started walking along the beach where I live. One morning it started to rain and I was a mile away from home, I gazed up at the sky wondering what to do as the rain was getting heavier. I pulled my hood up and slowly jogged home, the first time I’d jogged in years!! I actually enjoyed it, the next day I downloading a running app and my running journey began. I loved it, I had found something that I enjoyed but it was also a release as well. Many a time I found myself crying as I was running along but I felt ok. I then decided that I wanted a challenge and applied for the London Marathon. I followed the training plan to a “T”, I completed the marathon and raised an amazing £3400 for charity.

I have continued to run but more for pleasure now. I also love yoga and have really enjoyed developing and learning more about my spiritual side.

What Drew Me To Become A Life Coach

It wasn’t long after losing mum that I decided that I wanted to do something with all the grief and heartache that was building up inside me. I began to realise that I could use my own experience of cancer both surviving it and losing my beautiful mum to it and turn everything that I was feeling into something positive to help and guide other survivors of cancer, life changing illnesses and events. I decided that the next step up from Hypnotherapy would to be a Life Coach.

I felt that the help and support I got after I was free from cancer could have extended beyond my hospital stay and I’m sure as you’re reading this now you’re thinking the same.

In December 2015 after lots of research I enrolled on the Beautiful You Coaching Academy course which would start the following May. I soon began to discover that I wanted to be a Self Discovery Coach for people who had survived cancer, life changing illnesses and events in their lives, this is where I discovered that my heart and soul truly lies. I want to help people like yourself through the transition from your recovery period back to a life full of health, wellness, new opportunities and self discovery. I want to help guide you from where you are to where your heart and soul truly lies and reignite the fire within your soul and leave behind those feelings of loss, loneliness and anxiety.

If you feel that I am the right person to guide and support you in your journey I would love to offer you a complimentary chat and we we can decide if we’re a good fit. 



Facts About Me


  • I live with my cat in an apartment by the sea.
  • I’m a secret bookworm; I always have my Kindle on me.
  • I love vintage handbags.
  • I have continued to run 3 times a week since completing the London Marathon. This year’s challenge is to complete as many half marathons as possible, I have already signed up for 3 so far, Chester Half, The Christies Half and The Great North Run.
  • I have been a keen weightlifter for 4 years now.
  • I love any films starring Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.
  • I started a One Line A Day Journal in November last year and I haven’t missed a day yet!


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